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Monthly Archive: December 2015

The Features Of Visible Language And Its Importance In Marketing

When we talk of visible language we mean the writing systems which we use to communicate. The typography as well as graphic design is the main components of visible language. The visual aspect of a language might be played with in different ways for advertising or promotional purposes. Conceptual language parts are focused upon instead of the basic layout look and feel. The spoken language is different from visible language and its importance in communications is exploited in different ways. Visible language is more than simply describing an object or idea. The visual medium is used to communicate information or an idea in this manner.

Common forms of visible language

The common form of visible language is written in a script. Visual language and spoken language often differ in certain ways. For instance, visible language will not only give words to a communication, but also look into the text size, the color, typeface and placement of the text on banner and other platforms where printing is done like neon signage This has particular appeal, especially on the needs of advertising, commercial products and services.

Elements of visible language

There are certain distinct elements of visible language that are played around by the graphic design professionals. For instance, if the tone or the voice in which a word is said needs to be denoted, there will be certain animation or grpahcis incorporated with a word or set of words to show the kind of emotion or reaction that is usually associated with those words. Many abstract as well as academic principles are incorporated at the time of making visible language a vehicle of graphics for commercial purposes like neon signage.

Concrete poetry

In many cases visual language is called concrete poetry. The poetry or the poem is stated in words like professional signwriters and implied through visual signage rather than through art. For instance, when a poetry called Easter Wings is being denoted, it is shown two birds in flight. That is a perfect instance of visual language. The same principles and concepts find much use in commercial advertisements these days.

Impact of visual language for branding

When it comes to designing the brand name of a product or company, the visual aspect of the name also gains importance. If a certain sign or symbol is used along with the name, it becomes associated with the brand or the company name in the minds of viewers. That strengthens the association and the power of recall. In this way visual language and its usage in branding campaigns are explored by the creative teams in marketing agencies. For those who deal with graphic design services, the same has an impact in the web world as well and makes use of in innovative ways for online media.