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How They Survived The Civil War

coversAfter the fight for independence from the colonial rule, America was embroiled in a bitter struggle much later against a far worse enemy. This was slavery. The slavery of the African American population in the US was at a record high, and it was time something was done about it. When the Union finally when to war, Confederate forces did everything in their power to stop them. However, after years of bloody war and struggle, a treaty was reached. Before this happened though, thousands of soldiers on both sides were killed in action. The worst part was that on the side of the Confederacy, not many soldiers even liked the idea of slavery that strongly. They were just fighting for the sake of defending their territory.

The railroad that saved countless lives
The cold nights in the tents on both sides of the battle must have contributed to the violent fights that went on. Nobody wanted the war to last, and it seemed like the only option was to beat the other side senseless. Of course, among the casualties were hundreds of innocent African American people, although no one on the South side seemed to care much for this. There were the select few who actually did realize that they were humans too, and struggled at the risk of losing their own lives to build underground roads that led to the North and the Union. This was called the Underground Railroad and it was one of the most legendary escape routes in the world.

A legacy without end
As the Confederate forces lay shivering in their best tents at night, the people who had built the Railroad secretly smuggled hundreds of slaves across the border into the Union. If they had been caught, the punishment would probably have been an instant execution by firing squad. Still, these people retained their humanity and made sure that the slaves were brought to safety. Even though this was happening there were still many slaves in the South who continued to be abused and have their right to freedom denied.

In the end, although these people were finally released when the Union won the war, their abuse left a legacy that the race would never truly recover from. Even today, there are many instances where you hear about hate crimes and other crimes committed by Americans against the people of color. This continues to happen even though we supposedly live in a “civilized” world. It is quite hard to believe in basic humanity when humans refuse to show it. For more info about gazebos Melbourne, visit